It has been a while since GreenFuel team posted news.

During this period many talks were conducted, several exhibitions were taken part in, a number of new designs were created, some interesting ideas appeared, and, most importantly, a plan was formed for the upcoming 2016.

Finally, a part of it all was successful, as we moved from talking to funding. As a result, another free 25 kW charging station GreenFuel W32A (with advanced features) has appeared in the parking lot of a Metro CASH AND CARRY store http://www.metro.ua/ in Kiev (Pozniaky).

The station was installed by the owners of TOKA Charging Station Network http://ecocars.com.ua/.

We hope you enjoy our upgraded product, and we promise that next year our team will try to implement most of the practices of 2015.

We will make every effort to move to a new level of production of charging stations for electric vehicles.


Have a nice charging!

GreenFuel team.





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