Dear friends, you can find some interesting pictures on the Internet :) We’ve been collecting analytical data on charging points recently and then suddenly… there's a picture of Masha Polyakova and a GreenFuel W32A charging station at one of the objects in Kyiv.

Of course, the picture is a mere coincidence :) And most likely it was taken to capture Masha with a lovely fluffy dog :) But to turn a coincidence into an intention: Masha or Olga, if you decide to buy electric cars one day, please contact GreenFuel :)

You definitely won’t have any problems with our charging station! :) and then we will get a deserved ‘not-coincidental’ picture ;)

And meanwhile, please follow @mashapolyakova and @polyakovamusic on Instagram.


Have nice charging, guys! :)

GreenFuel team







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