In September 2015, GreenFuel representatives attended the "City. Transport. Ecology Forum" dedicated to the development of eco- and energy efficient technologies in Ukraine that was organized by the Lviv Chamber of Commerce and held in Lviv with the support of the German-Ukrainian business project.

There we discussed issues of cooperation between government and business dealing with new technologies, development issues and constraints of electrotechnologies in Ukraine, integration issues and prospects for the new energy efficient solutions and projects in municipal development schemes for the cities of Ukraine.

The forum was attended by representatives of the Lviv Regional Administration and the Chamber of Commerce, Electron Group, Ukrainian Association of Electric Vehicles Market Participants, Ensto, TeslaClubUkraine, Oschadbank, Lviv Polytechnics National University, City Institute, Avtoimidzh, Virni Rishennia, B&B, etc. Among others, the following projects were presented there: Give a Ride, Smart Stops, Ecoparking and Landscaping, and Urban Eco-Shop.

We would particularly like to note that Lviv executives are positively disposed to support domestic producers and all of their initiatives in the development and integration of new technologies in everyday life, as, for example, of Electron Group, which has domestically produced the first electric bus (electrobus)!

This fact indicates only one thing, that Ukraine indeed has a powerful intellectual potential of engineers, scientists, managers, and just enthusiasts, who need support at the level of government and business. In the long term, they will be able to create competitive products in various areas of new technologies, thereby not only improving standard of living in Ukraine, but also entering foreign markets with products which quality is equal to that of foreign rivals.

We hope these events will not be random occasions, and the Lviv initiative to develop new domestic technologies (made in Ukraine) will be supported by other Ukrainian cities.


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