As time goes by, companies in the market change. At first, some brands are introduced to the electric car market, and then they are immediately wound down because their companies chose a wrong business model from the very start. And even despite huge resources, there is no more ‘Strum’ company, now it is called ‘Yasno’ :)

Let’s hope that the company’s future will be as bright as its name and of course we wish good luck to our colleagues!

A remarkable thing about this object is that GreenFuel has been staying the same for 4 years, and our stations keep working smoothly, just as they always have. By the way, they have already been through the 3rd upgrading stage.

Stability is also a nice thing (so they say)!

So if anyone needs assistance in organizing an electric car business in Ukraine, please ask us – we know more than we are telling ;)


Have nice charging, guys! :)

GreenFuel team



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