Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, signed the law on prolongation of the preferential import of electric vehicles until 2022.

On December 10, Mr. Poroshenko signed the Law No.9260 that provides for VAT and excise duties exemption for the import of electric cars into Ukraine. This norm will be effective until December 31, 2022, according to 'Auto Informator' with reference to the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

It should be reminded that a preferential rate should have been canceled on December 31, 2018, however, 236 parliament members voted for the prolongation of the preferential mode during the second reading.

The law will enter into force after the publication of its text in government periodicals.

Due to the fact that Ukrainians can bring electric cars across the border and not pay taxes, thus significantly reducing the cost, sales in the Ukrainian market continue to grow. Thus, 598 electric vehicles were sold in November, which is 2.4 times more than last November.

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