Renault has checked how much Ukrainian cities are ready to use electric cars.

Before starting the sales of electric cars, the requirements of Renault state that the country’s charging station infrastructure must be checked for correct operation, as well as the possibility of comfortable and safe operation of the Renault electric car in urban conditions. The ZOE tour in Ukraine aimed at just that.

ZOE tour is an inspection from a team of 3 employees of Renault headquarters, which includes Sandrine Jodon, a manager for electric cars business development in Eastern Europe, and 2 technical specialists, called “flying doctors.”

Zoe tour plan:

  • Before the tour a map is drawn up with all installed public charging stations that are compatible with Renault electric cars;
  • The French team comes to the country together with 2 Renault ZOE electric cars with a maximum power reserve of 400 km, which are delivered from France by an autocart;
  • The team drives through all charging stations following the map and tests the charging process using special equipment.

During the tour in Ukraine, which lasted 2 weeks, experts from France tested each charging station on ZOE electric cars. The inspection covered 3 cities (Kiev, Lviv, Odessa) and 50 km around each of them.

Under the rules of the brand, Renault may sell electric cars only in those cities where the public infrastructure charges them correctly in at least 80% of cases.

We cannot wait for the report!


Have a nice charging!

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